Canadian Immigration lawyers discussing common misconceptions

Canada is seen as a land of opportunities by many aspirants around the world who want to have better life in the future. With many esteemed universities and colleges offering great educational course for students to advance in their career, moving to this country fro higher education becomes an immediate choice. Many business investors and entrepreneurs also seek Canada as a land to grow their business operations. Families seek to settle in Canada because of the higher living standard and healthier life styles.

People often have misconceptions regarding the rules related to immigration. Some do not even consult a Canada immigration lawyer and make the mistake of filing the application themselves. The result is the application being rejected and the chances of successfully getting your application significantly low. With professional consultation you have a great chance and assurances that the application will be approved successfully and you can easily move to Canada. Some of the common misconception related to immigration in Canada is as follows:Immigration lawyer Canada

  • Getting the job placement in the same field of study: It is a very common misconception among students that they have to get a job with in the field of study. The actual reality is that that you can work in any field as long as the job profiles matches one of the NOC codes listed ion the CIC site. In order to apply for residency, the noc code of your job has to start with O, A or B.
  • Refugees getting more money than pensioners: Another common misconception among the people is that refugees get more financial back up than pension people. People with refugees usually get a start up cash of $1,850 for basic requirements and then a monthly income for $768. Pension people usually get $959 each month as compensation.
  • Lawyers have influence on CIC: CIC is the government website where all the applications are processed. No immigration lawyer has any influence on the CIC website and all the applications are submitted in the same uniform manner. They will however help you file the application the right way and ensure that you are not missing any details,

Immigration is very a tricky and complicated process. Many applicants tend to save money by not taking professional money. They try to understand the rules by themselves and fill the application based on assumptions. In most cases, the applications rejected and then they realize the loss of time and money.

Immigration lawyers study all the rules with details. They stay up to date with the latest changes and know how to file any immigration the right way for getting approved. You should consult an immigration lawyer for any immigration matter. Appointments can be easily booked by emailing or calling the law firm. Check here for more on immigration news.


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