How long does it take in Toronto for employment cases?

This takes a long time to bring employment discrimination cases. You have probably found the process painfully sluggish and frustrating if you have ever been interested in legal disputes before. Unfortunately, a distorted image of the legal system was portrayed by the press and Hollywood. You can see a client go to only the lawyer’s office for a meeting on tv, and then on the very next day, the attorneys are litigating the case of that client before a jury & signing the settlement agreement. It’s not that effective in the real legal process. The resolution of a lawsuit takes a long time. This is particularly true in cases of discrimination, bullying and unfair termination of employment.

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How Long Until Settlement?

Potential clients also tell our attorneys, “How long would it take to resolve my case for employment?”The right answer would be that” it depends. “Usually, a Toronto court’s average employment case takes one or more years to proceed. Higher value cases take longer than 2 years because there is more than one cause for the plaintiff to work hard to improve the case’s quality. Therefore, the client would like to fight hard to reduce the cost of the case. Minor cases usually settle for less than a year since it is not cost-effective for businesses to fight hard. And everyone should understand that each case is different & you never remember how long the case may take at the start of the trial.

The case could settle at any moment, of course; and therefore & earlier than expected. Also, various factors are influencing a case’s size. For example, when defense counsel is hard to work with or bullheaded, a case can be drawn out. Or if the plaintiff is a troublesome client, a case can be drawn out, causing conflict between him and his attorney.

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Why do job-related cases take so long?

Due to a massive multitude of factors, job cases take a very long time:

  1. Probably the biggest determinant of the duration is the characteristics of the plaintiff worker, defendant boss, and the lawyers involved. If all can collaborate, the situation will usually be settled faster than if they hate each other.
  2. The lawyers involved experience, competence, and honesty. The better the employment lawyer in Toronto, the better he or she might convince the other party that compromising is in their best interest. When you hire an honest attorney for companies, he or she will offer you reasonable expectations. Sadly, they also witness defense attorneys who manipulate their clients to prolong the case as they can get more money paid that way.
  3. The backlog of the Trial. The courts in Toronto have been overworked & understaffed. Several judges set court deadlines automatically down the road for two years!
  4. The case’s quality is a huge factor. The more money that is at stake, the more battle is going on.